Psychotherapy & Counselling

“I believe that counselling and psychotherapy is a relational experience that can facilitate new insight and understanding of difficult issues and problems.”

Theoretical Approaches that inform my therapeutic work include:

Jungian Analytic Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic, Attachment and Object Relations Theories, Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR and Psychoanalytic energy techniques. Counselling and Psychotherapy Time frame is as required, for example, open ended time limited and brief work up to 12 sessions.

Who are my clients

Individuals and Couples, Local Authorities re - Family Law Child Care Proceedings : Schema Therapy, Psychotherapy and counselling and Therapy Viability Assessments.
A wide range of individuals who need to increase their understanding of the impact on their ‘self’ of organisational relational psychodynamics and they may be, Managers, Clergy, G.P’s and those who feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors, wishing to deepen their understanding of unconscious processes and the impact on themselves and to develop their clinical work.
The people I see may be working for NHS Heath Trusts, running private therapy practices or on graduate Training courses as Counsellors and Psychotherapist and on clinical placement at a Counselling Service.

Counselling  Individuals | £60.00 (Some lower fees places)
Couples | £70.00 Psychotherapy and analysis: £60.00 to £75.00
Supervision | £60.00
Local Authority Family law Child Care Proceedings | Fees for therapy and court reports, on request.

Professional Biography

I have over twenty years counselling and psychotherapy practice experience.

I completed a four year Social Science / CQSW Degree. After which I was employed as a staff counsellor and over seven years I saw many clients who had diverse backgrounds. I worked with individuals experiencing a multitude of personal and occupational relational problems manifest in large organisations.

I trained first in Rogerian Humanistic Counselling. Later I recognised that if I was to understand unconscious processes and personality development in depth, I would need to undergo a psychoanalytically based Therapy training.

I found this in London and it involved a rigorous three month personal and academic / professional assessment process before I was accepted by Wpf Kensington, London on their, (M level) ‘Post Graduate: Advanced diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling’.

This was an intensive four year psychoanalytic theory based training. My clinical work in Wpf clinic was with individuals diagnosed as having personality disorders or ‘complex’ mental heath problems was ‘closely’ supervised by analytical psychologists and psychoanalysts weekly for four years.

And as part of a Psychoanalytic psychotherapy training I completed a six month weekly psychiatric placement with Consultant psychiatrists as part of their mental heath team at the N.H.S. Hospital Trust, Caludon Centre, Walsgrave, Coventry

To deepen my understanding of acute states of mental ill health I also so worked for over two years as a Psychiatric Nursing Assistant in the psychiatric services at same hospital

I went on to completed a three years (M level) ‘Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’ training at Wpf and I gained full professional membership of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

I worked for six years for (ICAP) Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy, in London and Birmingham with individuals (‘survivers’)who in childhood experienced sexual and physical abuse by members of religious communities in Irish Industrial schools.

In the last twelve years I have run two successful private psychotherapy and counselling practices in North London and Coventry.


I hold a B.A(Hons) Social Science / CQSW degree.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Trainings

1. Person Centred Cert in Counselling skills: Humanistic.

2. Post Graduate: Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling, (4 years Masters Level) Wpf Kensington London & Roehampton University.

3. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, (3 years M. Level) Wpf Kensington London


Diploma in Supervision (Post Graduate M level), Wpf London & the West Midlands Institute of psychotherapy. Birmingham.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Trainings

Two Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Introduction and Intermediate. Post Graduate Qualification in Cognitive Behaviour Skills. WPF London.

Schema Therapy Trainings

Schema Therapy trainings: 2008 & 2009 Dr Jeffery Young, ‘Schema Therapy for Borderline personality Disorder’. London.

Advanced Schema Therapy training Jeffery Young (2012).

Schema – Focused Therapy for Borderline Personality disorder’. (2009), Arnoud Arntz and Marjon Nadort. Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Advanced Schema Therapy: Hannei van Genderen & Marleen Rijkeboer, Arnoud Arntz with Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (June 2012.)

Couples training

WPF and the Tavistock Centre for Couples relationship.

Psychotherapy and counselling practice Experience

It is difficult to give a comprehensive account of the kind of issues I work with but below I hope will offer some help I have two decades experience of working with the unknown emotions Individuals and couples who have experienced very varied life events who feel stuck, want change, but cannot identify the root cause or understand the relational experiences that underpin their conflict and distress.

I see people who have experienced traumatic childhood abusive life events, emotional neglect, parental impingement or lack of interest.

Individuals who grew up without the experience of having their feelings heard or validated. In adult life they find it difficult to express emotions.

Feel detached, depressed, have low self esteem, lack self- confidence, feel lonely and empty inside. Some people may only know that they just ‘don’t feel right’ while others have little or no sense of themselves?

I see people who are experiencing personal and professional stress, relationship breakdown, divorce, bereavement or employment issues feel ill at ease with their relationships and themselves.


My Practice is based in Coventry and I see clients from the central midlands area.

I can be contacted by telephone on 024 76 331 318 which has an answer machine message facility

Please use the contact form below for enquires.